Pedal Pub is the original party bike and has defined the industry in North America since bringing the concept from Amsterdam in 2007. As the undisputed leader, we continue to raise the standard for owning and operating a part bike business.

Initial Investment

Pedal Pub franchisees benefit from a low startup cost with a high return on investment. Total first-year startup costs for this business are estimated at between $76,959 – $266,999:

  • This estimate includes bike purchase or lease and estimates for insurance costs, storage, marketing and other operating costs.
  • The bike itself costs less than $50,000, but Pedal Pub requires every potential purchaser/business owner to start with two bikes

Each single-unit deal includes two Pedal Pub bikes. We are seeking both single and multi-unit owners to help us reach our goal of 1,200 bikes operating by 2023.

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